What will be promising Renault Arkana

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

In the advertising picture, it can be seen how against the background of the Eiffel Tower is captured by a red car of this model of the crossover. Renault Arkana finally got to European buyers.

Only the path of this car was not from Moscow, where in 2019 its production was mastered at the Renault Russia factory. The path of this car was long, from South Korea. We have a picture of the Loading Party Renault Arkana on the sea ship, which will deliver it to Europe.

The inexperienced observer will ask: but it’s closer and cheaper from Moscow. But not everything is so simple.

In 2018-2019, the crossover, subsequently received the name Arkana, was created in Russia, for Russia and with promising localization in Russia. But the leadership of the French company also saw the potential of the model and during the development period began to try on global sales.

Of course,

Recall that the model in Russia was born, in the Moscow office of the company. It was our specialists and marketers that figured out Russian motorists as they represent a promising car. Hence the crossover, and the body coupe, and the size class S.

But our Russian Arkana was still built on the Global Access platform, this is 55% updated old platform B0.

But that car that poses against the background of the Eiffel Tower, it is fundamentally different, despite the similarity of the exterior.

Renault Arkana cross-coupe car for European markets is built on the CMF-B platform.

In 2024, the DUSTER RENAULT (DACIA) crossover must change the generation and go to the CMF-B platform. It is recorded in the Renaulution plan, with a presentation of which we have repeatedly acquainted. True, when will this updated model appear?

Accordingly, Renault Arkana has already made this transition. And in fact, the European ARKANA model can be viewed as a next-generation model for us.

In the very presentation of Renaulution, the head of the French automaker Luka de Meo set the task to focus on the C-Class segment cars and the D-Class, as the most profitable products for the European Renault, where it has recently dropped. And the new Arkana fits perfectly into the C-segment. Considering that the Renault model range in Europe and in Russia are drastically different, we note that the new cross-coupe Arkana fills the gap between

The European Arkana turned out to be a bit larger than the Russian model, which was based on the Global Access platform, the European cross-coupe length is 4568 mm (plus 23 mm, compared with the Russian car), width — 1821 mm, height — 1571 mm, distance Between the axes reaches 2720 mm. But the road clearance at the European crossover is 19 mm less — 186 mm instead of 205 mm among the Russians.

The European Arkana looks richer Russian: the original kit with other inserts, slightly larger overlays on the wings, the other form of submarines and lining at the bottom of the doors, additional chrome, as well as its own filling of the rear lights. Headlights, like a Russian car, completely LED.

In the cabin — another front panel, a new steering wheel, a changed central console with an uncommitable transmission selector, vertically located touchscreen media system with a diagonal of 9.3 inches. Traditional analog appliances only in the initial configuration. The architecture of CMF-B also allowed to introduce modern electronic helpers: autotorcycling and control systems of blind zones, adaptive cruise control with the restraint function in the strip.

Arkana for Europe is built on the CMF-B platform, as well as the Clio and Captur models. There are hybrid versions: the power plant consists of a gasoline atmospheric 1.6, an electric motor and a starter generator, which in the aggregate issued 140 hp. Alternatively, two soft-hydrite turbocurines are proposed 1.3 with a capacity of 140 and 160 hp. With 12-volt starter generators. All-wheel drive modifications in Europe will not.

And yet, in countries in Southeast Europe, the model will sell as

In general, we conclude that the next generation Renault Arkana will come to us on the platform CMF-B in a few years, but what will be the cross-coupe, whether its advanced design will be stated, we still have to see it.