What will come to replace Lada Vesta

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

All domestic automotive editions admitted broad masses of motorists which promising models, for three or four years will release the domestic AvtoVAZ under the LADA brand. There will be a new NIVA, there will be a new Granta in the body sedan

All this became known from the presentation of the head concern Renault, held on January 14th. Next, came add-ons, they say, old Niva, converging today with the third thread of the AvtoVAZ conveyor, will not take off the production for some time. Also on this conveyor will move the current version of Lada Granta, freeing the place in the «Kalina / Grand» manufacturing complex for a new generation of a car built on the French platform CMF-B. Since AvtoVAZ does not want to leave the budget segment, and we have a poor people and buy 120-140 thousand thousand cars per year.

But here the future Lada Vesta was not covered.

But the other day, finally, everything turned out. As «Thunder among the clear sky» in the corporate factory multitility, the newspaper «Volzhsky Autostruit» sounded a sentence. Lada Vesta and a cart on which it is built, there is no future.

Well, the most important thing is that the Volzhsky Autostructor told us,

That is, in other words, we will translate to the Russian understandable language. The domestic platform LADA B / C in modern auto industry is not needed. Its refinement will cost a huge amount calculated by hundreds of millions of dollars, and due to the fact that the Russian market today is infrequent, these investments in the Lada Vesta trolley update will not be either ever.

But since in 2022 it will see the light and the release of the modernized Lada Vesta FL will begin, then the car will live for a few years on the Lada Izhevsk plant conveyor.

But here you have to see such a moment. In the presentation by a model range of AvtoVAZ (LADA), which will be designed on the CMF-B platform there is a clear flaw —

But because



After all, in the segment of universal, he has no competitors. While the renaulution presentation is not visible anywhere and a hint of Lada wagon. Thus, it can be concluded that until 2025, the universal niche will occupy upgraded Lada Vesta SW and Lada Largus FL.

And what about our partner Romanian Dacia will also not be wagon? Will. There will be a large cross-universal built on the CMF-B platform. The model policy of the Romanian manufacturer Dacia today is that the Logan MPV station will not be a direct successor. But on the tests in Scandinavia was «caught» the wagon with increased clearance. Since even from under camouflage, it is possible to see the details, then experts of the authoritative automotive western edition drew how the new cross-wagon Dacia will look like. He has no name yet, maybe, of course, call the old name of the compacttva Dacia Lodgy, and can give a new name.

We are in principle no matter. It is important that’s what is the heir of two cars with a station wagon. And it may well be a reality that he in conducting the current model policy of AvtoVAZ for all-time unification will be the heir to Vesta and Largus, when their life cycle is suitable for completion. This car with a length of more than 4.5 m in dimensions is somewhat more than two current VAZ universal. Thus, it can be concluded that