What will happen if a person on the moon falls from the height of a 9-story building?


One of our readers sent us the next question:

It is impossible to reliably answer this question. In the end, even on earthly conditions, there are cases when people survive after falling from such a height. Surface search on news sites shows that such cases are not so rare and happened regularly.

On the other hand, it can be climbed into a stool to spin the light bulb, unsuccessfully falling and getting a heavy cranial injury. Such cases, too, unfortunately, not rare.

Arguing about the fall of a person from a height on the moon, we will proceed from the following considerations: it takes place on the moon, inside a closed hermetic room, inside which the atmosphere is identical to earth. Those. A person does not threatens death from the fact that it, for example, will damage the skateman when falling.

The speed that man will develop on the moon falling from the height of a 9-storey building (say 30 meters) is quite simple to calculate. It will be approximately 10 meters per second or 36 kilometers per hour.

36 kilometers per hour — good working speed for short distances runner. What happens to the runner, which at full speed will dive into the wall? Most likely, he will get heavy bruises, but hardly perish.

Similarly, with our case. When enjoying the plastics, a person will have very good chances to get rid of insignificant damage. But if a person does not fall flat, but down his legs or head, then the probability of a sad outcome will be much higher.