When will an inlet station be built?


The service life of the International Space Station comes to an end. At the moment, its financing is ensured until the end of the 2024th year, after which the station must be reduced from orbit and flooded in the Pacific Ocean. And although it is possible that the service life of the station can be extended for several years (up to 2028 or 2030), it is still obvious that the days of the station are approached by an end.

The Gateway orbital Platform «Gateway» should come to replace the ISS. It will play the role of both the scientific station and repeat the functions of the ISS and serve as a transshipment item for the crews from the moon and returning from the moon. So the landing modules, lunar rips, various scientific equipment, etc. will be stored on Gateway, and the like.

At the moment, work on the design of various station modules is already actively underway. NASA, ESA, JAXA and Canadian Space Agency are involved in the project.

Initially, Roscosmos participation was also planned in the station project. So Roscosmos should have developed a gateway module. But, unfortunately, NASA and Roscosmos failed to achieve mutual understanding about the role of Russia in the project, so at the moment there will be no one to use any Russian modules in this station.

The construction schedule is approximately following:

2022 — an output to an electric motor module’s arriving orbit (PPE);

2023 — withdrawal to the accommodation orbit of the Halo residential module and its docking with PPE (automatic mode);

2023-2024 — Delivery to the station of consumed equipment for manned flight to the moon;

2024 — Delivery to the station of the logistics module;

2025 — the output to the Esprit module’s arriving orbit and its docking with the station;

2026 — The output to the ikhab module’s arrival orbit and its docking with the station.

Those. In the minimum configuration, the station must earn already in 2026, although it will take the first people already in 2024, during the flight Artemis-3.

For the delivery of goods to the arrogant orbit, the Falcon Heavy and SLS missiles will be used. In the future, it is also possible to use the Russian superheavy rocket by the Yenisei, currently under the development.

For manned flights to Gateway, the ORION spacecraft will be used. It is also possible in the future to use the «Energy» of the «Energy» of the Space Ship «Federation».