When will leave the «shame» of Russia.

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

She walked twenty-first twenty-first century. Only on the bus market of the Russian Federation, the most common and demanded bus remained the notorious ancient «Pazik». More precisely, the PAZ-3205 model, which is built on the nodes of the ancient Soviet truck GAZ-53. It seems that the time in this segment of the automotive market was stopped forever, even despite the innovation introduced into this model.

But in fact, the situation on the bus market is folded as follows. Private and municipal carriers, indeed, for urban and inter-propellant routes, acquire a small class of PAZ-3205. And not only for servicing the population of villages and towns. Even in many cities, where there is a short passenger traffic on a number of routes, this vehicle is an effective «earcare» of money. As a result, in general

But the PAZ-3205 model was purchased in the amount of 1417 units, which is more than 30% of the entire market of new buses in the Russian Federation.

That is, every third bus sold in Russia — «Pazik».

Today the authorities of the Russian Federation drew attention to the state of the bus and trolleybus parks of cities. Under the update of rolling stock, large funds are laid in the federal budget, both through the National Project «Safe and Qualitative Roads» and through various programs. A new initiative of the president, who spoke with it at the next congress of the ruling party, was also interesting, stating that in the near future funds will be exquisite to update passenger transport in cities of the amount of 50 billion rubles.

True, dedicated and planned funds are more applied to the rolling stock of large-class buses. Our channel told

However, the auto-wovers themselves make steps to ensure that all the most gradually carriers acquired new models of Pavlovsky plant. In the model line of the groove there are modern buses of small and medium-sized classes, which successfully can replace the notorious PAZ-3205 and its elongated version of the PAZ-4234. This is a series of «Vector», as well as the PAZ-3204 model. But often, carriers make a choice in favor of the old time-tested and inexpensive bus.

At the last aspect today, special attention has been drawn by the designers and management of the plant. Otherwise, how to explain the appearance on Pavlovo — Navashino highway in the Nizhny Novgorod region of this camouflaged bus, which in the lens caught the paparazzi? It is clear that the prototype of the promising model of the Pavlovsky plant is tested. About this model, no one from the representatives of the GAZ group showed.

But our channel decided to carry out his own investigation and we found out a lot of interesting things about the new «Pazika».

See, the length of the bus, judging by glazing, within 7-8 meters. Glazing, by the way, quite large in the area. But the most interesting inside the cabin, and, of course, an unusual layout is immediately visible. Judging by the rear seat amphitheater, where the passenger seats are highly located (which can be seen in the photo), the bus engine is located at the back. But the middle platform, apparently, low-profile.

It has a wide front door. That is, a promising model will satisfy modern requirements for low passengers. Remember, in one of the latest groove models («Vector 8.8) had to lengthen the rear platform and make it low-profile for the bus could participate in competitions.

But that’s what else interesting is immediately striking. The buse of the bus is rather large and the front axle is significantly shifted, traditionally, like all models of grooves with the front of the engine. But now let’s ask me? And why is this layout solution accepted? Most likely, in order to save. It is easier to put the traditional proven front axle and do not bother with an expensive suspension option. Apparently, the same decision is made on the rear leading bridge.

Summarize. Soon, a new bus will rise to the conveyor in Pavlovo. The technical solutions laid down in a promising model make it possible to argue that it will be a budget model that meets modern requirements. What is important for numerous private and municipal carriers. Unfortunately, as long as representatives of the Group of Gas and Pavlovsky Plant do not disclose whether it is a line of buses with a different length and passenger capacity, or it will be a single bus model. In general, there are many questions and our channel will follow information from Pavlovo.

Photo from Public VK large-scale model Pavlovo