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The event will be held in the 7th time with the support of world manufacturers and suppliers of car components, equipment and services for car maintenance stations: Brembo, Kyb, Gates, Dolz, Varta, Motul, Mahle, NGK-NTK, NTN-SNR, ELRING, and also Technological partners «Union of auto services», «Rusta», «Mechanics», JTC, Diagnost Lab, and others. The initiator and the organizer of the championship is the Engineering Scientific and Educational Center «Smart», a leading independent educational and practical center in the field of automotive technologies.

The final of the final was preceded by a remote qualifying tour, which was registered 1522 people from 224 cities of the Russian Federation and near abroad. Anyone — an employee of an independent or dealership autotech center, an independent car head, an independent auto mechanic, a graduate or a teacher of a specialized educational institution, could apply for free participation.

Note that from year to year the number of people willing to engage in the competition: in 2019 there were 946 registrations, in 2018 — 812, and all seven years ago from the 50 most active and taking into battle of contestants. Geographical coverage expands — from the Kaliningrad region to the Far East, as well as neighboring Belarus, DPR (Ukraine), Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

At the pre-selection stage from March 1 to April 13, 2021, the contestants fulfilled 6 video clips prepared together with the championship partners, at the most frequent car service procedures: replacing brake pads and discs, timing belt, brake fluid, shock absorbers, spark plugs, A / s compressor. After watching the video, it was necessary to estimate the actions of the mechanic as faithful / incorrect. For the correct answers, points were added, for the incorrect were deducted.

According to the results of the qualifying tasks, 100 rating leaders who climbed the maximum number of points and received invitations to the final —

A month later,

The finalists from the Far East, Siberia, the Urals, Volga region, the Republic of Crimea, the Kaliningrad region, as well as Belarus from Gomel and Minsk, have already confirmed their participation. The most numerous teams of the participants are from the automotive holding JSC «Autodom» and the franchise network «EuroAvto». Although, during registration, each of the contestants will receive an individual registration number and will be present primarily «Himself», the championship indirectly contributes to the rapprochement of official and independent car services, which is important for market development.

Another interesting trend is an active part and exit to the final of the teachers of special disciplines and masters of industrial training colleges: a road college (St. Petersburg), the College of Mechatronics and the Food Industry (Kaliningrad), the Igrieve Polytechnic College (KHMAO), Surgut Polytechnic College (KHMAO). This symbolizes a certain stage of strengthening links between educational institutions and a real car repair business, which they say so much.

The overall prize fund of the championship will be more than 1.5 million rubles, including prizes for winners from 1 to 20 seats, as well as a win-win «lottery» for all those present in the hall — professional sets of tools, household appliances, certificates for training, professional literature, workwear , Gift Cards and MN.D. In addition to the main competition, the tradition of innovation with performances of technical experts will be held by tradition.

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