Who will be replaced by Lada Xray Hatchback

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Today, the prospect of the majority of cars of the model range of the domestic brand Lada has already been determined more or less accurately defined. No one does the secret from this, even at the factory in Togliatti, where there are always Skamo informed about promising innovations.

After the presentation of Renalution was held in January of this year and the high leadership of the French automaker supplied to all the brands belonging to Renault Groupe, their tasks, the AvtoVAZ leadership also reminds of which changes in the model range will occur in the immediate and remote future.

Recently, the President of AvtoVAZ Yves Karacatzanis congratulated the factory workers with a large holiday — the 51th anniversary of the release of the first car. But we were not interested in the greatest congratulation, and that part of it, where the manager declared the «continuation of the process of deep modernization of production, building engineering competencies and improving working conditions — all this is the necessary conditions for the release of» four fundamentally new models «. In Prinzpe, the head reminded what was said in the Renaulution strategy.

That is, he confirmed what was shown at the presentation of the Renault Groupe strategy. In this regard, this question arises. For almost each, the currently produced model on AvtoVAZ, its further fate has been identified. But we paid attention to such a fact.

No one speaks of what fate is prepared by such a model as Lada Xray.

See yourself. Above the updated

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More or less accurate prospects and other cars of the LADA model range are outlined. So,

Also on this platform CMF-B will move the most popular car of the domestic car market and the bestseller model range of AvtoVAZ —

But notice, anywhere does not say anything about the prospects for such a model as Lada Xray. Is this experiment, when a domestic car was created on a French platform, is considered unsuccessful? Then the upcoming transition to the French platform, it turns out, a priori will become failed, and AvtoVAZ will begin to «cut the bitches on which sits»?

No, at AvtoVAZ found a way out and we will soon tell about it on our channel.

But the Lada Xray car, which is actually a «clone» and created on the Renault Sandero platform, apparently waiting for such a turn of events. The fact is that it was actually the significant moments actually worked. For example, as possible in the engine compartment, to cooperate the domestic motor. Xray gave an invaluable experience of the Alliance Renault-Nissan with AvtoVAZ.

Yes, it should be recognized that Lada Xray had problems with low popular among domestic buyers. But it is rather their response to the body type:

And still,

Attention! Among the stated four promising models, which are stated in Renaulution, and in the recent statement of IVA Caracatzanis, appear: Lada Niva, further, increased to the size class with Dacia Bigster with Lada named, a new generation Lada Granta in two types of body types —

The current generation of hatchback Lada Granta, this is actually the heir to Lada Kalina, and its analogue of Datsun Mi-Do, the production of which has recently been completed. They accounted for only 2% of the sales of the Granta family. Therefore, it is logical that the next generation Lada Xray will also be the stated Hatchback Lada Granta on the CMF-B platform. That is, the hatchbeck whose genes will go from the current Dacia Sandero.

No wonder in AvtoVAZ now there is a set of frames of designer and designers engineers. It is them that they have to turn Dacia Sandero to the future generation of Lada Xray.