Why AvtoVAZ did not become Russian «Skoda»

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

The arguments that Russia loses its auto industry and will soon be able to create a «Russian car», became regular after Renault Groupe told about the promising model range of Domestic AvtoVAZ. But everything is known in comparison. Our channel decided to understand the question and find out what causes and what are the prospects for the Russian brand under the wing of the French group. And there is a reason for this.

Czech automaker Skoda recently throws us anniversaries. And they make the domestic car audience think about the question: why still AvtoVAZ and the LADA brand cars produced by him did not become a significant world automaker, how did it happen to Czech Skoda?

We will remind, on April 16 of this year, the 30th anniversary of the signing of the agreement between the Czech government and

But the other day September 3, Skoda celebrated another anniversary — 25 years from the beginning

Recall that the OCTAVIA NEW project began to embody since 1992. To this end, a modern assembly complex in Mlada Boleslav, which increased the annual production capacity of the Czech automaker from 90 thousand to 350 thousand cars was constructed. Skoda Octavia of the first generation was built

You can talk a lot about the achievements of this model, which is already converted in four generations. But back to our topic, indicated by the title of the material. Why did the domestic brand LADA still have not become an analogue of global Skoda?

Autarkius against export

And there are several reasons here. The first and most important.

Today, none of them hopes for a rapid growth of car sales, as it was until 2014. Then the leaders of leading high-search companies in the world had an euphoria from the growth of the Russian market and its potential, because motorization in our country is 2-3 times lower than in developed countries.

Predicted that by 2020

Yes, moreover, a number of automakers, without seeing the prospects, left the country and closed the assembly plants, others — reduce model ranks. In principle, this process can be conditionally called this way — adaptation to the «new reality» of the Russian Autowner.

Today, as you know, the domestic AvtoVAZ switched under the wing of the French company Renault. Looking at the Czech Skoda, similarly to the wing of the Volkswagen Group, which turned 30 years ago, can be glad,

And here the first solution is concluded, why the domestic brand is not listed as a global, but a local level. Czech brand Her new owner considered as global, and cars produced by the Czech manufacturer as global — for sale on most world markets. That well demonstrates us an example of a 25-year anniversary ŠKODA Octavia.

It is logical because the inner car market of the Czech Republic is too small, its container is within 200-250 thousand cars per year. I will illustrate the dock for 2019 year. In the Czech Republic, only 249,915 new cars were registered, the share of ŠKODA on it was 34%, or 85,895 «Skodovok». Because of such a number of cars sold, of course, it was not worth upbringing the whole «Bohr Cheese» with the purchase of Czech brand and investments with hundreds of millions of euros. Therefore, the principal approach was formulated — the ŠKODA Czech brand is a global player. Again, 1.24 million Czech brand cars were produced in the dock-called 2019 year. AvtoVAZ then issued 375 thousand «Lada», plus Izhevsk playground added just over 100 thousand «Vesta».

Our Lada brand is considered by the owner not as global, but as a local, rather, geographically limited territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS zone.

Recently, a statement was also called from the mouth of the head of AvtoVAZ Nicolas Mora that the French Dacia brand is not going to withdraw to Russia. Yes, there is no point in this, because according to the new Renaulution strategy, two stamps are united into one business unit. And all new Lada will be built on the French platform CMF-B. New cars of the Romanian brand are built on the same platform.

Limiting the export potential of the Lada brand, Renault Groupe is so distinguishes from the «export cannibalism» of two brands inside the French group. And the prospect has already been stated, the Lada car will be exported. Apparently, the bet will be made to the new Lada Niva.

Today, when the public domain, more complete details about the promising model range of Lada on the new platform, the votes are increasingly sound that «domestic auto industry will die,» the country «will lose the competence of the design of passenger cars», etc. But you still have to understand one simple thing: «Creation from scratch» of the modern automotive platform costs himself somehow and repel invest in it, you can only with the release of a huge circulation of cars calculated from one million or more pieces per year.


In principle, if you maintain the Russian Russian automotive industry, then the alternative may be such.

Close the Russian market, to design in NTC AvtoVAZ our platform and produce cars at its base at AvtoVAZ capacities. As is known, its production facilities are about one million cars per year. Yes, and be sure to ask the French «to exit».

But in this case, then we get two generic stains of such monopolism. This is well acquainted on the recent history of the USSR. First, dominance in the same brand market does not lead to anything good — narrows the choice for the consumer. Secondly, the quality of the cars produced is reduced. We were held in recent domestic history. And it is unlikely that anyone will come to mind such changes.

Today, AvtoVAZ is a colossal work on the translation of the promising model range of Lada’s brand to the French platform CMF-B. And this is the only right solution. Because if you go through Avtarkia and «Rings of enemies», with a technological blockade, it will not lead to anything good. Figuratively speaking, you need to focus on Czech Skoda, and not on the Iranian automaker Iran Khodro.

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