Why Cummins became the main engine of Russia

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Today, the most common diesel engine in Russia is American power units

And the «culprit» of the leadership of the American brand diesel engines in our country became KAMAZ.

That is, when KAMAZ felt «Cold Breath» in the population of Chinese dump trucks, he had to urgently create joint ventures with the world’s leading manufacturers of components to produce competitive products.

But back to the motors. KAMAZ approached ensuring all its truck ruler with local production of power units. Until now, the «Classic» KAMAZ motor of the KAMAZ-740 family of 12 liters is produced in Naberezhnye Chelny, which passed several modernization.

At the enterprise «Kamminz-Kama» in Naberezhnye Chelny licensed Cummins 4ISBE magnets with a volume of 4.5 l, Cummins 6ISBE with a volume of 6.7 liters. These motors have the following power characteristics. The Cummins 4ISBE diesel has a power range from 140 to 210 liters. with. And the motor Cummins 6ISBE is a power range from 210 liters. with. up to 310 liters with.

Today, the main consumer of «Cammins» inline six-cylinder engines tribised dump truck KAMAZ-65111. Also, they are installed on the KAMAZ-65117 trucks and the KAMAZ-65116 chassis and a number of other models. The one and the advantages of the row «six» of the ISBE in front of its own KAMAZ motor V-8 KAMAZ-740 is a smaller mass and less fuel consumption.

It seems that today these challenges mentioned by the head of the Kamsky Autohygigant have been completed. But this cooperation with Cummins did not stop. In 2017, Kamminz-Kama joint venture began the release of the Cummins ISL engine with a power range from 340 liters. with. up to 400 liters. with. Thus, a wide range of row sixi-cylinder diesel engines for trucks for trucks for trucks of various carrying capacity has been formed on Kama Auto Plant. These motors are provided with the release of the entire model range of trucks and buses of nefhas.

Here it is necessary to dwell on the diesel engine of the L. His main advantage, as they write in advertising booklets, that they connect the advantages of a light and compact motor with heavy engine structural strength.

Motors Cummins Series L are manufactured in the UK, USA, Brazil, India, China, and they have been released more than 5 million pieces. For 4 years already, Cummins ISL is collected in Naberezhnye Chelny, at the Kammins Kama, in parallel with the Cummins ISB engines.

And what is the most interesting if the series B is closely related to the most common KAMAZ-65111 dump truck, the L series is associated with another KAMAZ dump truck. It is about the model 6520. This story is very long. Since the first experienced batch of these trucks released a quarter of a century ago — in 1996. But serial production was delayed and started only in 2003.

And only in 2008, KAMAZ-6520 and the Cummins motor met. Then the KAMAZ motors V8 replaced first in line «six» Cummins 6LTAA, and only then — more modern Cummins ISL 8.9.

Today, the KAMAZ-6520 «Suite» with the Axor cabin is particularly popular. He also received the engine Cummins ISL 400L.S. / 1700N.m, as well as a reinforced frame (load capacity up to 21 tons). In this model, it was possible to combine the democratic price and characteristics comparable to more expensive dump trucks.

Thus, a gap in niche of 9-liter engines was filled. They are distinguished by smaller volume and weight, successful layout under the cab, and at the same time high power, high torque, efficiency and impressive interservice interval. Under the resource, about 850 thousand km to the overhaul, the motor is repaired thanks to the interchangeable «wet» lifelines and the possibility of permissive to the steel wrought-iron crankshaft.

Recently, during a visit to Kamsky Aviation Giant Prime Minister Mikhail Mishoustin, at the exhibition of power units, specially prepared for high guests, along with the new KAMAZ engine of the 910 series for a new generation of new C5 trucks, one of the central places also occupied Cummins Series L.

What else is important, this is a Cummins Motor Localization Process. From the very beginning to assemble its engines, Cminim Kama CJSC was aimed at using component parts and components produced by Russian enterprises. Now more than 114 components on engines Cummins Series B The plant receives from Russian enterprises, thereby ensured more than 60% of localization. Thus, on the foundry «KAMAZ» plant, the billets are cast (block of cylinders, block head and crankshaft), which in turn are already transmitted to the processing of the automated line «Kamminz Kama». According to the same scheme, the flywheel is released: casting and processing «KAMAZ», imported only the crown. The technologies of processing these most important parts of Cummins ISB6.7 are mastered at Kamminz Kama.