Why does Korean Hyundai want to become Russian?

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Today it became known that at the former GENERAL MOTORS plant in St. Petersburg, the new owner of the enterprise dismantled the sign of the American automaker. This can be interpreted as the first symbolic step. Also in the factory territory, several Hyundai Creta crossovers are noticed with guards. Apparently, in hidden from extraneous eye, the company’s workshops have begun work on the establishment of the release of cars of the Korean brand Hyundai. Our channel tried to find out which cars may soon begin to produce on the new platform of the Korean automaker.

Neither a single foreign automaker today has so many assembly sites in Russia, as the Korean tandem Hyundai-Kia. Now, in addition to its own plant, Hönde Motor Manufacturing Rus (HMMP), an autocompany has another assembly site in St. Petersburg. This is a former factory of the American automaker General Motors. Also Korean autoconecern next to the HMM plant builds the engine factory. In addition, under the contract system, cars of the brand Hyundai and Kia are produced at the Kaliningrad plant «Avtotor» under the contract system.

Why the Korean automaker so much production sites in Russia?

Recently, our channel has published the material where he told

But the thing is that creating such a powerful production base, the Korean automaker hopes not only to keep, but also increase the market share in the Russian Federation. And without a serious local production and assembly base, you cannot fulfill such tasks.

Over the past decade, the share of cars

Now the manufactured model range at the HMMP plant under St. Petersburg is represented by the sedan

Today at the full cycle on the Kaliningrad «Avtotor» there is an assembly of only such models like a sedan

And now the question arises in this place, and which models will produce Hyundai at the newly acquired enterprise at the facilities of the former GENERAL MOTORS plant.

At the end of last year, the managing director of Hönde Motors CIS Alexei Kaltsev at a press conference dedicated to the plans for 2021, was spoken up to the choice of models for the conveyor. He noted that they consider them to perspect the depth of 6-8 years. Then it was said that information was published in the middle of 2021.

But today there is already no reason to note that crossovers will stand on the conveyor of the St. Petersburg enterprise

In the past, difficult 2020, the total sales of these cars amounted to about 50 thousand pieces on the Russian car market. But the total sales of senior single-platform models of crossover Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento twice as smaller, just over 21 thousand pieces.

Of course, the release of such cars as Hyundai Elantra and Kia Ceed can also be added to two single-platform models of crossovers, but when it became known about the acquisition of an ex-enterprise GM, the Korean side notified that they will leave the assembly of all models on the full cycle on the Kaliningrad Plant And called not to panic. Indeed, the investment invested in the organization of production, for example, Kia Seltos crossover on the full cycle will be fought off for several years. Recall that in Kaliningrad, the capacity for the release of 30 thousand «Seltos» per year with welding and coloring bodies was created.

Today, Korean automakers on the update approach

Recall, also Korean automaker Hyundai

Also, in terms of deepening, the Localization Hyundai intends to deliver the blocks of cylinders and blocks of blocks from the Ulyanovsk enterprise «Nemak» to this enterprise. This will increase the localization of Korean cars manufactured in the Russian Federation. Today, Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio cars are localized by about 47%. True, it is worth noting that the counting of the indicators has now changed and is carried out in points.

And now answer the question: why is all the Korean company? The answer is basically simple. Koreans «stumbled» Russian car market, stopping, thus, the risks of the future