Why DUSTER will never come to AvtoVAZ and there will be no Russian Lada

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Because it is the Romanian project. This is how the head of the Dacia-Lada business project Deni Lee answered this question. Recall that since the beginning of the year, within the framework of the French Automotive Group, the Renault Groupe has created such a business unit.

As for the Renault Duster car, the second generation of this crossover from March in Russia is sold in Russia. And from June, in all European official dealer centers of the Romanian Dacia received restaling cars.

It is noteworthy that the updated Dacia Duster is created on the enhanced B0 platform. Sometimes there are reports in our press that this car tried a new CMF-B platform. No, the second generation of «anther» is still on the same platform. The new platform CMF-B will go only with the beginning of the release of the new third generation.

This plan is recorded to a repeatedly referred to the Renaulution strategy, the essence of which to translate all cars Dacia and Russian Lada to a single platform and eliminate platform multi-beam.

But while we live in the transitional period, and accordingly, certain rules have been adopted for it. You noticed that the appearance

Indeed, the second «boot» saw the light in Europe back in 2017 on the Frankfurt Motor Show, at the same time at the end of 2017 went on sale. We also had to wait for almost 4 years in Russia. Now you can imagine that the restyled version of Duster will get to the Russian market not earlier than 2024. Looking at the pictures still can be said: this is a beautiful car.

Accordingly, this second generation of the car will delay on the conveyor of the Moscow plant «Renault Russia» for a few more years, and the transfer of its release to Togliatti will not happen. Although stubborn rumors about it tightly circulated in the automotive press. Since there were fittings in an extraordinary event. At the end of 2019, the domestic automaker was acquired by the GM-AvtoVAZ plant, located here in Tolyatti, and transfer to the third thread of the SUV production conveyor

As for the third generation of «Duster», the situation clarified the same head of the Dacia-Lada division. Deni Le said that the new Duster would be exclusively by the Romanian project: from creating a concept to purchases of components and building logistics. Today in Bucharest In the center of the development and design of Renault Technologie ROMANIE (RTR), an impressive team works. Currently, four thousand engineers are involved in the project and another 2.7 thousand people of other specialties. It is international, in addition to the Romanian and French specialists, here are also represented from other countries that are sold and produced by DUSTER, including from Russia.

According to Renault Groupe plans, the new Dacia Duster will enter the market in Europe in 2024. It is clear that for Russia, the time will be shifted to the right. But how much is? By this time, we probably will only begin to release the restyling version of the second generation. No need to forget that Duster for Renault in Russia — Lokomotiv Sales, the most popular model in the line of the French automaker. Of course, the third generation will sooner or later appear in our market, but only with the Rhombic on the radiator, and not with the rook. With the rook there will be another model — analogue of Dacia Bigster, which commemorates the transition

But let us return to the words of the head of the Dacia-Lada division Denis Le Vota. He told the Romanian automotive publication that «Duster is a crossover with a full drive, if you can put it, the hard model in the lineup. In turn, Bigster will be longer, about 4.6 meters, and will be more a crossover, that is, a car that is very good for long-distance travel. Because customers in the compact segment are not looking for an SUV, but a spacious car with a high planting. Thus, we differentiate the role of each of the DACIA models. «

That is, regarding our Lada brand, such differentiation will be held under the section of the new NIVA, which will see the light in 2024, and absorbs the genes of the SUV legendary «Niva» and the new Lada Bigster, which will break into the segment of compact crossovers.

But the new Duster-III domestic brand LADA will still not get.

On the other hand, how to know, the transition to a single platform CMF-B will be the reason for the transfer of this DUSTER model to AvtoVAZ? After all, no one canceled plans for loading production facilities in Renault Groupe.