Why Fiat «did not fit» in Russia

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

If you compare which foreign brand has the greatest impact on the Russian car industry, then first of all, it will be about Italian Fiat. It was from his model FIAT-124 a copy was removed, known from us as «VAZ-2101», which became the attachment of the large family of domestic cars «Zhiguli». And Italian technologies have long determined the trend of the development of domestic auto grounds. But today it is not about it.

Our task is not included an analysis of the evolution of the Vazov family. We are more interested in the question of why the largest Italian automotive company could not find a place and «put roots» in the new Russian automotive industry, as many foreign automakers could do. Although for this she had all the conditions.

In the Italian Fiat, which has long been working in the markets of developing countries, such as Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, and others. Still back to the emergence of a competitor from Renault (about Logan), «World Car» appeared. The case was in 1996, (compare, Renault Logan appeared only in 2004). Then in the 90th European markets enjoyed huge demand hatchback FIAT Punto. The model was just a soupeless and even competed for the title of the most popular Europeans with VW Golf. But in emerging markets was coined by the project «178», a specially designed car which has received later the name of FIAT Palio. We took the basis

Italian cars of this family were produced in Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina and still in South Africa. Practically reached Russia. The plans for the Italian concern was the organization of the enterprise «Nizhegorod Motors» volume of 100,000 cars per year at gas capacity. It was at that time that gas moved to the «Sibala» (Rusal) of Oleg Deripaska’s oligarch. Russia was then recovered from the default of 1998. But the partners could not agree and the plans remained plans. Soon, the GAZ launched the VOLGA Siber project based on American Chrysler Sebring. And Fiat plans forgot. Then the new Chevrolet Aveo assembly project was issued on Gaza.

In the future, after the failure of the new «Volga» project, another partner appeared at Gaza. By agreement with the German auto giant at the capacities of the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise, a contract assembly of Volkswagen and Skoda cars began, which continues until now.


Fiat Palio project

This non-market sedan was released in Naberezhnye Chelny, at that very factory, where «Oka» was once produced. But he did not gain wide popularity from our motorists. At the peak of sales in 2007, we managed to realize only 17 thousand cars, while Renault Logan was separated by 74 thousand, and Ford Focus in the number of 93 thousand machines. Yes, and the localization of the Italian model ranged only 20%. But again something went wrong, and at the beginning of the decade Sollers changed the partner. In this capacity, the American Ford spoke for the next 10 years. And in turn, the leadership of Italian Fiat lost all interest in the Russian market. But with Sollers, a grand project was scheduled for the release of half a million cars per year.


And what further? Fiat did not make a bet more on Russia as one of the developing markets. Think, one more, one less. In Latin America and in Turkey, things go perfectly.

Italian autocontracean, driven by the top manager Sergio Marchionn, focused on the American market. To the most significant achievements over the ocean was the purchase of a third largest American automaker from the «Big American Troika»

New jerk consisting of Stellantis

In fact, the Italian concern in the main markets in Europe is the case in recent years there are Nevaznets. The share of Italian brands is decreasing. According to the results of the first three months of 2021, the United European Fiat market was 11th place, and other brands, such as Lancia and Alfa Romeo, did not even enter the first 20-ku car market for the old continent.

The Stellantis Guide today assumes that Fiat should extract the greatest benefit from the FCA and PSA merge. Italian automaker finally gets access to modern technologies for small cars, which in recent years it has not been so desperate. Because today it is difficult to develop a car platform alone to compete with global players.

All this led to the fact that today has a truncated model range in the European car market. Today FIAT is poorly presented in the compact car segment, where it offers only Tipo model. In the MINI segment, the Fiat family, built on the Fiat 500 platform.

This model did not become a chopstick for the Italian concern. Although the home market in Italy is not well for sale and even is the leader of the local market. But the rejection of the further development of the family

Now, thanks to the new partnership Fiat as part of the Monster Stellantis, finally, there was an opportunity to return to the segment and return the previously lost positions. Fiat is interested in a modern platform for small cars, which is available from the French from PSA. We are talking about the architecture of the CMP, the French partner, which can be obtained by the Italians. Thanks to her, it will be possible to develop a new generation of cars quite quickly and minorly, and will also allow you to establish an electric drive to Italian cars, without which it is no longer anywhere in Europe. In particular, a small Fiat crossover will be built as the first product on the French architecture of the CMP, the release of which is planned by 2023.

Fiat has already confirmed that it will produce it in Poland at the plant in the town of Tychy. And also here will begin to produce related new crossovers under the Jeep and Alfa Romeo named on the same technical database.

And what about developing markets? And there, for example, in Turkey, release a family called Fiat Aegea, a family of pretty cars. Do not ruin FIAT relationships with Sollers can be and we had one family of foreign cars anymore. And so Russia turned out to be without Fiat, and without Ford.

It turns out that on the example of these automakers, priorities are clearly visible. The presence on one of the developing markets can be neglected for the sake of its future. It is sad that this market was the Russian Federation.