Why Kamaz created «murderers» of his dump trucks


As you know, market realities in the domestic market of dump trucks are dictated by the presence of a proposal in various price classes. At the end of the last 2020, the most demanded dump trucks of the country became

Thus, the Kama autohygoant closes the lower segment of the market, and therefore it is its leader. As you know, these dump trucks refer to the generation of K3, although very modernized. According to the general director of Kamaz Sergey Kogogina, «

But the sale of the modern generation of C4 dump trucks, to which the self-dump truck of the KAMAZ-6580 model passed not so foolo, as I would like. Such dump trucks are implemented

But today we are not about statistical comparisons with competitors, but about the newest family of stone trucks. The comparisons are still coming in the following materials of our channel we will spend them.

Recall that in December 2019, KAMAZ opened the curtain over the new family of dump trucks, showing them at the exhibition dedicated to solemn events dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the plant on Kame. Our channel told

Recently, sales of the flagship model of generation K5 —

After them, the wide range of dump trucks will be mastered.

Versions with 4 axes will be represented by two options: KAMAZ-65951 with 8×4 wheel formula and all-wheel drive KAMAZ-65958 for working in heavy road conditions of temporary quarries and buildings. The program in the program costs a 5-axis 60-ton career dump truck KAMAZ-65805 Samson. At the end of September, he was renamed Atlant.

Recall, on September 7 last year, the first dump truck was collected at KAMAZ, the first dump truck of the new promising family K5 — KAMAZ-6595 (in the photo). The model is equipped with a P6 engine that develops the capacity of 450 hp. Driving bridges are designed for an axial load of 16 tons, the load capacity of the dump truck 26 tons. Curb weight — 14 tons, full weight — 41 tons. Dumping platform for rectangular shapes nefhas with heating of 16 cubic meters. The designers took care that the truck was protected by a massive three-section bumper from stamped steel in front and a reinforced bar behind. Metal mesh will save the headlights and the car radiator from the rocks. Collected KAMAZ-6595 on special rates, which advanced along the main conveyor. Serial production is planned to start in the summer.

Today, several models of KAMAZ dump trucks of a new generation K5 are tested in different climatic conditions. In particular, according to the automakers, they are experienced in the Yamalo-Nenets district.

Depending on the execution and operating conditions, it is supposed to use various options for dumping settings by 16 to 25 cubic meters. m.

Now the question arises. Today, KamAZ has a more or less modern generation of C4 dump trucks. It turns out that in a few years this generation must be replaced by the latest developments of the K5 series dump trucks. It is unlikely that in the current economic situation, new K5 dump trucks will quickly displace from the Russian market KAMAZ-6520 and KAMAZ-6580. However, according to specialists of the trade and financial company KAMAZ, carriers show great interest in these cars. Therefore, for some time they will be released in parallel. But in the future, as Sergey Kogogin noted in one of the interviews, in 2024, the generation of Trucks K4 will retire.

All the difficulty is that while with the new generation of K5 KAMAZ suppliers suppliers. Not still ready to produce and build production. According to the sorrowful production plan, the prospects for this generation are careful. In the current year, to reach the horizon of 7 thousand Trucks K5, in the next — by 15 thousand.

KAMAZ took pretty a bold step to go with a new family in a premium segment — where «European dump trucks» rule «right — Volvo, Scania, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz. This is completely different requirements for product quality, reliability, endurance, comfort of working conditions of drivers. For this, there are huge investments and efforts of engineering services for the preparation of production to the production of the K5 line. I want the Russian dump truck of a new generation.