Why Kamaz goes to Kazakhstan.

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

In September last year, the event in the city of Kostanay in the north of Kazakhstan took place, which many people still argue. In the presence of President Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Ascar Mamlin was given the construction of the Kamlitkz plant. Our channel was understandable, why Kamazu needed a new adjoiner and what the risks are the fact that the Kama auto-giant may be without the necessary components.

Indeed, after in neighboring Ukraine, Poroshenko, a course was taken to minimize all economic relations with the Russian Federation, and cooperative and other product deliveries were torn out, today many have seen the risks of such supplies from neighboring countries. Therefore, the news that in the north of Kazakhstan, KamAZ will produce production to be perceived with some alertness.

CEO KAMAZ Sergei Kogogin explained the situation as follows. Kazakhstan for Kama Auto Giant is the largest foreign market.

But, on the other hand, the leadership of Kazakhstan wants to create a highly connected auto industry. They have an example of the neighboring Uzbekistan, and the Russian Federation too. In Uzbekistan, as you know, Chevrolet cars are highly localized, there are production of engines and transmissions.

Sergey Kogogin revealed to the project: «We sell on average 1.5 thousand cars KAMAZ in Kazakhstan, the own capacity of the Kazakhstan truck market holds at 3 thousand cars. When I explained to the government of the republic that with such parameters it is impossible to achieve deep localization in commercial transport, I was asked a question: «What then output»?

And the answer of the bogin was as follows: «Output one: to build Kazakhstan in the supply chain.» Indeed, for the market with a capacity of 3000 trucks to create high-tie production of commercial equipment is too considerably and economically inexpedient. We recently demonstrated a domestic gas group, when the beginning

Cab, engine and many other knots and units «Valdai» easier to import from China. Because the project economy will not withstand any criticism if fully localized the product in the Russian Federation.

Kamaz had a project for Kazakhstan. Cogogin continues: «KAMAZ in any case should invest in foundry production, since our current technologies do not allow the quality of the block on the K5 engines. Of course, we discussed the prospects and with our government. The Ministry of Industry, also believes that the project will have a positive effect on the integration of two national economies. «

Here is a prehistory of the Kazakhstan project.

What and when will it be published on the Kostanay site?

Start of construction, as we have already told, dated in the fall of 2020.

This project will become a breakthrough for Kamaz in the framework of technological modernization and will allow for a new product.

As for the amount of investments of $ 200 million, the part of them will come from KAMAZ, but much most investing the Kazakh side, with the participation of their industry of industry.

The staff will be from the local who will prepare a Kostanay University, an agreement with which has already been achieved. In total, 400-500 specialists will work at the KAMLITKZ enterprise.

What is the nomenclature of manufactured products? It turns out a Kazakhstani enterprise should cover the needs of KAMAZ not only on the project of the in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine of the Tibet project, but the cylinder block will be issued there for the KAMAZ V-8 engine and the Cummins engine.

As the director of the new enterprise, Vladislav Shezhenko, should be understood that the Kostanay site does not replace casting in Chelny, but some positions will be made there. This applies to the update of which requires more modern lines than those located in Chelny.

Speaking of terms, Shephenko noted that in 2023 the equipment will be debugged and the first deliveries will begin. Around the middle of 2024 it is planned to begin mass production.

In addition, the Kamlitkz plant will produce cast carcases of bridges, now stamped-welded are used. While this technology is not on Kamaz, and the transition to the cast will become a huge step forward.

We note and such a moment: Kamlitkz will not be able to replace the head plant in Naberezhnye Chelny in full. The design capacity of the future production is inconvenient with existing, where the casing of cast iron has an area of 389 thousand square meters. m and is able to produce 238 thousand tons. products per year. In the aggregate, all foundry shops on KAMAZ occupy an area of 750 thousand square meters. Meters against the future 28 thousand in Kostanay.