Why Kamaz rushed after a mas

10 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

In recent days, interesting information from the largest domestic producer of freight and commercial equipment of KAMAZ — Kama auto giant is coming. It concerns, first of all, the diversification of the production program. Simply put, expanding the model range of manufactured equipment, as well as the Expansion of KamAZ to those segments, where it was not previously represented. Of course, this process is natural and natural. Moreover, the leadership of KamAZ believes that the enterprise should seriously and will consolidate in new segments for a long time, to enter into an acute competitive struggle and suck competitors.

Look, in our eyes, in our eyes, in a couple of years, such a precedent occurred in the segment of electricians. Kamaz went into a new market niche for himself.

In principle, such an approach of KAMAZ is not new in the post-Soviet space.

Minsk residents are also trying to take some significant segments of cargo and commercial equipment, diversifying the offer for the car market. Also observed the expansion of the MAZ and in the segment of passenger machinery.

But there is one segment, where in the production program of Kamsky auto giant, the gap.

We are talking about trolleybus. If you think this is a non-prospective type of transport,

Look, this year, the Russian government will allocate a considerable amount of 4.8 billion rubles. According to the federal project «Clean air». Yes, it is aimed at reducing the level of pollution of atmospheric air in the cities of Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Cherepovets, Chita, Novokuznetsk, where new trolley buses and trams will arrive. In addition, this program will be distributed to other cities and regions. But it is not all.

We repeatedly told on our channel that within

That is, it can be concluded that the trolleybus market of the country is very and very capacious and the need for new rolling stock is huge. In the country in working condition, 78 trolleybus systems with a strongly worn park. In general, the potential of the market is huge. And KAMAZ decided to use this by creating his first trolleybus.

Today, the KAMAZ-62825 trolleybus is certified to obtain approval of the vehicle type (OTTS), at the end of June the first copy will be transferred to the Experience in GUP «Gorelektrotrans» to St. Petersburg. Serial production is planned to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

The KAMAZ-62825 trolleybus meets all the requirements for the quality of the services provided, the comfort of passengers and an accessible environment: a low floor level, increased opening of the middle door, a spacious accumulative platform. The vehicle is equipped with a booking system, which allows you to tilt the buses for a comfortable landing of passengers.

As it should be modern trolleybuses, the KAMAZ car has the ability to «break away from the wires». The stock of the autonomous movement of the new KamAZ is 20 km. It is necessary to serve new urban areas in which there is no contact network. Charging the batteries occurs during the movement from the contact network — 30 minutes to 100% of the container.

While in the model range of KamAZ, consider one model of trolleybus. No one reveals the information whether the articulated trolleybus will be built, because a similar harmonica bus was already created by the child Kamazovsky nefhas.

We started our material from the statement that Kamaz rushed along the path of Maz. And did not disclose information about the trolleybuses of the Belarusian manufacturer. And here is a pretty original picture. First, in the line of Minsk Automobile Plant there are modern models with an increased autonomous move of MAZ-203T70 and MAZ-203T21. Work is underway to create even more modern third-generation trolley buses.

In addition, the MAZ supplies the machine collectors to the Ufa tram-trolleybus plant (UTTZ), which produces the Trolleybuses «Citizen» model 6241.01 with an increased autonomous course. Our channel told about it

In general, in the Russian market, trolley buses becomes hot. The offer of «horned» transport today can be called just huge. Here and the Vologda Trolleybuses «Avangard», «Admirals» from the Phorte, the newest trolleybus from the Alkor Vologda, Ufim-Minsk Machines «Citizen», Belarusian BKM-321 «Olgere» and «Vitovti», and, of course, MAZ-103T. And here to this niche, KAMAZ comes with the intention of competitors.