Why KamAZ translates production … to Moscow

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Old Moscow tradition is alive. The capital constantly wants to produce a rolling stock of public transport. As early as early as the previous Grador, Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov, he thus tried to save a high-tech enterprise — Tushinsky machine-building plant. Henger buses «Ikarus» models 435 was deployed on its squares.

But in Moscow there is another plant in Sokolniki, who released the trolleybuses, which are captured by the domestic cinema in the film Eldar Ryazanov «Beware of the car», which came to the countries of the country in the 60s of the last century. As you, for sure, remember, the bride of the main hero of Yuri Different named Luba worked on the Trolleybus of the Svarz brand.

Today this company has a second birth, his partner has become the largest domestic manufacturer of commercial and cargo equipment KAMAZ.

True, instead of trolleybuses, and until recently, Svarz produced «horned» transport, now electric structures will come from the gate of the enterprise.

So far, one shop of the Moscow enterprise is given under joint production. The estimated production capacity of the first stage of the workshop is 500 units of rolling stock per year. But in the nearest perspective, KAMAZ plans to reconstruct another workshop and bring the annual output of up to 700 electric drives, on the assembly of which two hundred people will work.

About 40% of the assembly operations are transferred to the Moscow platform — from installing doors and interior elements before loading software, which will be 60% of the cost of each electrobe.

Why did KamAZ decided to transfer the production of electric buses to Moscow? Everything is simple enough: Moscow plans to make public transport environmentally friendly. And consistently goes in this direction.

The electrical network has already launched the entire capital: now 45 routes are operating more than six hundred electric drives: more than 400 — KAMAZ and about 200 — gas. From the table, which we publish below, it follows that this year, Moscow should have purchased another 600 electric drives.

Today in Moscow about 8,000 diesel buses, in the future, their electrobuses will be replaced. Consequently, the work of the weld (and KAMAZ, respectively) is enough for a sufficiently long period. Even the fact that by 2023 it is planned for a purchase of 2,200 electricians already creates a steady sales market.

Today, the price of each electrobe is more than 60 million rubles! But in fact, the price of the electrobus accounts for 36 million rubles., And the remaining about 24 million rubles. This payment for the service contract of the life cycle. The manufacturer provides electricals with constant technical support, consider, lifelong warranty. Emergency brigade should be sent to each breakdown. For 15 years before writing off, electricians will be held about a million kilometers, or the annual mileage will be approximately 65 thousand km.

Elektrum KAMAZ-6282, developed by the «Mosgortrans» technical launch, is one of the most high-tech products of KamAZ. The launch of a fundamentally new type of passenger transport has become one of the iconic stages in the development of the company. Ahead is the development of the release of articulated electrics.