Why «Silk Road» and could not overshadow Rally Dakar


In our turbulent epidemiological time, there are less and less iconic events. And if the decision is made (as, for example, the Olympic Games in Tokyo or earlier, the football) are carried out in a truncated form, often without spectators and fans.

Many of us with admiration watched the thriller called «Rally Dakar». But after canceled in 2008 «Dakar», forever who left the African continent, the new Rally Marathon «Silk Road» promised to become the most important, sign event in the world of auto racing. Promised, but unfortunately, did not. Let’s see why?!

The first «disturbing bell» about possible changes came from one of the leaders of the race, the famous Kamazovtsa Vladimir Chagin. He told reporters the following: «Because of the pandemic, the race will most likely fall into Mongolia, and the route itself will be significantly reduced.» But there were such real and tangible plans to make the race the most difficult and interesting event in the world of auto racing over all recent years.

It would seem what is the problem? No Mongolia, well, well! Here the territory of Russia is so huge that the routes and various obstacles can be inventing a huge set. We are ready to offer car drivers numerous rally raids of varying degrees of difficulty, providing long specialists, multi-kilometer sectors passing in different road conditions and much more. And all this on the fore of an infinite, impassable, fascinating taiga.

All this is the case, but any racer professional knows a great thing about what he is ready to participate in multi-day off-road adventures. And this, of course, sands, vegans, stone dilutions and many other natural obstacles that can be found only in one place — the desert. Of course, we are talking about Mongolian Gobi, the most extreme territory from all similar. Remember, because Dakar over 40 years ago began with the desert of North Africa, prostrate in the territory of several states at once: Algeria, Morocco, Senegal.

Planned route

Initially, the Silk Road was planned to spend on the territory of the two countries — Russia and Mongolia. Starting mark — in Omsk, and the finish is in Ulan Bator. And it was the Mongolian stage that should have become the most intriguing, because more than 50% of the distance was not given it, and 500 km ran through the most dangerous on the planet Gobi desert!

In general, the race that took place in a truncated format left a pleasant impression, the participants noted the excellent organization, which allowed to participate in competitions with different types of vehicles:





Of course, our compatriots (as well as their foreign partners) were interested in what this time the public and specialists will be able to surprise the «KAMAZ Master» team, a constant participant and a recognized leader among trucks!

Of course, the Chelnings did not miss the excellent opportunity to test in Siberia a completely new KAMAZ truck with a unique cabin «K-5», developed together with the German carcone Mercedes-Benz.

The KamAZ cab is made on the newest plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. The basis of the design used in the Mercedes-Benz Actros truck family (4 generations) is taken. A characteristic difference is the largest cabin of 2.5 m wide and smooth floor. The height of the internal space is 2.13 m.

In total, the Germans offered, and Russian masters implemented in practice 7 different options for Kama Kaza, including the most narrow version (2.3 m).

By the way, according to the results of the race, it was this model of KAMAZ to become a winner, heated at the last specialist of the nearest competitor from Belarus — Mazovda Sergey Vyazych.

The name of the winner of the race «Silk Road» among trucks — Dmitry Sotnikov.

In general, after reducing the distance, the race failed to become a full-fledged replacement of Dakaru, but the competition was entertaining and dynamic. And Russian kamaz once again confirmed their indisputable advantage over competitors!


It is gratifying that our compatriot became the winner here — Sergey Karyakin.

Thus, it is impossible to say that the «first pancake», the «Silk Road» rally, came out «komom»! Race succeeded! And there are very good chances of the fact that in 2022 this event will be able to spend in full-fledged format!