Why the Russian fleet became a foreign

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

Over the past decade, the structure of the Russian Automobile Park has radically changed. The dominance of foreign cars has already become familiar, but at the same time the country’s fleet remains age. What foreign cars dominate and determine the drawing of the Russian park of passenger cars, our channel disassembled.

Interesting structure of the country car park at the place of assembly. Here the sources of its replenishment are revealed. In general, the picture in generalized form is as follows. Today, clean imports of cars reached a historic minimum.

If the import of used cars prevailed in the first decade of the current century, then today this stream is noticeable «oak». But the import of new cars today is low. In general,

A significant factor in the formation of a domestic car fleet has become


According to AA Autostat, the fleet of cars of Russia is represented by 112 different stamps. At the same time, over 90% have only 25 brands. In particular, cars of the domestic brand Lada occupy 30.6% of the total number of Russian fleet, or in absolute values of 13 million 706 thousand.

But today we are not talking about Russian Lada, cars with rooks on the radiator.

Today in the Park of the Russian Federation the number of foreign cars is rapidly approaching the symbolic level when two foreign brands in Russia are in Russia.

On top 15, marks account for 23.9 million cars. At the same time, the top park is 78% of all foreign cars. The number of brands overlapping one million is already nine, the Czech brand Skoda (chart 2) is rapidly approaching this level.

In relative numbers, leaders look like this. The main foreign car of the park of our country —

Here are some years for 10 years there have been changes.

But here you can allocate two long-term trends.


Second trend.

Who can replace the left American brands? Applicants are as follows. The fourth largest after Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi is a brand of Japanese cars Mazda, which in the country there are 786 thousand cars. The number of cars of the Honda brand is 757 thousand pieces, but from 2022 this Japanese brand ceases to activities in the Russian Federation. Therefore, the Honda Park will slowly go along the inclined: the replenishment of new cars will not be, but

The share of chinese grades is still low. In essence, it will be possible to talk about the presence of a large Chinese segment in the Russian fleet only a few years after a significant increase in the sales of Chinese cars in the country market.