Will the new «Ural» will move the Minsk and Kamal dump trucks

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

At the Ural Automotive Plant in Miass (Chelyabinsk Region), the «Ural» C35.510 was launched. This newest development has a wheel formula 6×4, which was first introduced at the Comrtian 2019 exhibition, where it was stated that the deadline for the start of release is spring 2021.

Recall, now the «Ural» automotive plant, located in Miass Chelyabi region, is not a division of the GAZ Group. The company has a new owner. About the change of owner Our site told recently. Now the company is a division

The main conveyor of the enterprise has already collected the pilot-industrial batch of the newest dump trucks.

The first newest dump truck «Ural» was transferred to an enterprise from Yekaterinburg. As was stated by the head of this company, the dump truck will work in winter on the removal of snow from the city streets, and in the summer period to carry crushed stone and asphalt on road construction facilities.

In fact, this, in a general trivial event, marks the beginning of a new stage in the market of domestic dump trucks. A new player appeared on it, since the new road dump truck of the «Ural» brand will compete on

Recall that Minsk and Kama car plants have similar similar models. For example, a three-axis model of the MAZ-6501C9 with a 20-cubic dump truck, which is equipped with a NMZ-653 power unit and a 12-speed Fast Gear 12JS220TA gearbox. True, the loading capacity of the Minsk dump truck is slightly less — 19.500 kg.

The new dump truck «Ural» C35.510 with a wheel formula 6×4 with a 20-cubic platform is designed for transportation of 20.850 kg of bulk cargo. This is the highest carrying capacity in the Line of the Ural dump trucks. Relatively fresh capotic dump truck Ural Next (6×4) is designed to transport 15.2 tons of cargo, and all-wheel drive Ural-6370K (6×6) has a load capacity of 19 tons.

The front axle of the new dump truck is designed for the load of 9 tons, and leading 13-ton bridges — the production of the Chinese company Hande Axle.

The «Ural» C35.510 establishes the YMZ-653 diesel engine, corresponding to the EURO-5 standards, the power of the power unit 420 hp The engine is aggregated with a mechanical 12-speed Fast Gear 12JSDX220TA gearbox.

Another dump truck is a deep-level cabin from Iveco, the interior of which is reasonable, an updated front panel was applied, others were used in the form of wings, etc.

For the driver, a comfortable workplace was created: the seat on the air suspension, the air conditioning is included in the standard equipment, cruise control, an autonomous independent cabin, electric windows and electrical heating mirrors. Equipped with a sleeping place, which is unusual for dump trucks working in urban conditions, under it — a specialty for things.

The workplace is quite ergonomic: multi-function with a multitude of function keys and steering wheel switches, an electronic panel with an optimal combination of digital instruments, a compact switch of switches, combined with a control panel of an independent heater and a light engineering control module (MUS). There are three socket connector (two 12 in USB plus).

The price tag of a new dump truck was announced — 5 million 159 thousand rubles.