Xiaomi is preparing a Redmi smartphone with a 50-megapixel camera


Redmi is undoubtedly the most successful Xiaomi series. As part of this line, the company produces inexpensive smartphones, which in terms of characteristics are not inferior to the top models of more famous brands. And we must pay tribute to Xiaomi, because from year to year the company continues to improve the Redmi smartphones, making them more stylish and productive. So, this year, she began installing OLED displays in Redmi Note devices, and in the near future she plans to improve the cameras of smartphones.

According to the well-known Chinese insider Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi is preparing to release a new mid-range smartphone Redmi, one of the main features of which will be the main camera with a 50-megapixel 1 / 1.5-inch sensor. What kind of model it will be, the source did not specify, noting only that the new smartphone has nothing to do with the Redmi Note 10 series. It is possible that we will see a 50-megapixel main camera in the future Redmi Note 11 line.

Apparently, Xiaomi wants to get the most out of Huawei’s exit from the market. Xiaomi is poised to replace Huawei in the world’s top three smartphone manufacturers by joining Apple and Samsung. And in order to consolidate its position, the company is preparing a lot of surprises that will raise the company’s prestige in the eyes of customers and improve sales statistics. And the fact that the new mid-range Redmi smartphones in terms of characteristics reach the level of last year’s flagships is good news.