XIV International Navigation Forum and Exposition «Navatekh-2021»

9 октября, 2021 от arto Выкл

This year, from June 15 to June 18, the «Russian Week of High Technologies» will be held in the film «Expocentre» in Red Presnya. During this time, the exhibition project has discarded high authority, recognition and demand in a professional environment. The current authoritative event is an intersectoral platform for creating and developing the infrastructure of Russia’s digital economy and the source of current information on the trends in the development of domestic and world telecom and IT markets.

By tradition, the XIV International Navigation Forum and the Exposition «Navatekh-2021» will be held together with RNVT, where business leaders leading experts, representatives of the legislative and executive authorities will meet to get acquainted with the achievements of the communication industry, innovative developments in the field of telecommunications, navigation equipment, transport telematics , intellectual urban mobility.

The main innovation of the Business Program of the International Navigation Forum in 2021 will be the Congress «Sphere», which will be held on June 15, with the support of the State Corporation «Roskosmos» and will be devoted to the implementation of the state program «Sphere», the development of the GLONASS system and the prospects for its formation as global industrial technology, systems satellite communications and high-precision satellite navigation.

The theme of the plenary session this year will be «breakthrough space services, technologies and systems». During the meeting with the introductory word to the participants and guests of the Forum will contact

The main focus of the business program this year will be devoted to the program «Sphere» and its applications. The implementation of this program will be able to ensure high quality space services, and will also make it possible to form a distributed infrastructure for collecting data collection, robotic and unmanned objects, ensuring global situational awareness.

Discussion of the market for innovative transport technologies «AUTONET» this year will not be ignored. For the past few years, we are witnessing the active development of the AUTONET market around the world. There is a full-fledged consumer ecosystem and service providers, systems and modern vehicles based on intelligent platforms, networks and infrastructure in the logistics of people and things. This year, on the «AUTONET» sections, leaders and experts of automotive, transport, digital and telematic industries, representatives of regulatory authorities, state institutions and development funds, analytics and industry experts will discuss new solutions for connected and unmanned vehicles, car digital services, improvement and development City Infrastructure, Smart City Mobility, Cyber ​​Security Problems and Legislative Regulation of Large Data, ADAS Technology Development and V2X Use Prospects.

Today it is difficult to find the sphere of socio-economic development, in which satellite navigation services could not be used. Their effect on everyday life is so great that it has become almost imperceptible. The section «Satellite Communication and Broadcasting Systems» will open what is hidden for such ordinary operations as a call to a friend, viewing a telecast or surfing on the Internet.

One of the section experts will be the General Director of the ICC North Corona JSC Andrei Gritsenko, who will present the analyst of the main characteristics of NGSO systems.

The last few years in our country there is an active interest and an increase in the number of projects engaged in private cosmonautics. The Skolkovo Foundation and Roscosmos State Corporation are actively involved in supporting these initiatives. But one support is not enough: innovative ideas, talented specialists and real goals for the implementation of successful projects in such a complex industry are needed. This will be discussed on the section «Entrepreneurship in space. Trends and the future of the industry: services, subscriber equipment, orbital groups. » Session moderators will perform Ivan Tosnikov, the project manager for the direction of «Space Technologies», the Skolkovo Foundation, and Oksana Wolf, Deputy Director of the Department of Prospective Programs and the Project «Sphere», Roscosmos State Corporation.

Section on geo-information systems and DZZ promises to be one of the largest on the forum. It will be discussed on the current state, prospects and trends of the development of the SDP and geo-information systems in the conditions of a digital economy.

From year to year, Navitakh and the International Navigation Forum are a platform that combines end users, integrators, investors, vendors and suppliers. The forum discusses the results of the development of the industry over the past year, leading experts act with the reports on the development of technologies, representatives of ministries and departments — on working and planned to launch specialized state programs, the leaders of key companies in the industry share their experiences and talk about existing developments and development plans.

The organizer of the Navigation Forum is the GLONASS / GNSS Forum Association. General Forum General — Roskosmos State Corporation. Strategic partner — SberMattotech LLC. Expert partners Forum — NP «Promotion of the development and use of navigation technologies» and NTI «AUTONET». Official partner — FSUE «Space Communication». Special Forum Partner — Kaspersky Lab. Forum partners — JSC «Issi them. M.F. Reshetnyeva, «Topcon Positioning Systems and Consortium Niya MEPI — ENPO SPELS JSC. Technology Partner Forum — Navigation Holding Spacem®. Strategic Media Partner — Promavt Business. Forum operator is a professional conference agency. Exposure organizer «Navitheh-2021» — Expocentre JSC. The exposition will be held within the framework of the exhibition «Svyaz-2021» with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.